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The main goal of is to provide information on how to get a state or federal license for jobs or occupations that require licensing. There are literally thousands of different technical and professional jobs that require some sort of license.

Most states will have either a license exam, experience or educational requirements, or a combination of these to qualify. Where applicable, I am also compiling information for you on how to prepare for these tests and where to get the education that states or federal agencies mandate for certain occupational licenses.

Secondarily, I am including information on occupational certification. While most certifications are optional, as opposed to mandatory licensing, certification can improve your career and open up additional opportunities in some cases. So I am also adding information on professional certifications and resources for studying and passing the various certification exams.

This site is a work in progress, but I aim to publish information on every job in America that has a license requirement. Note that some business activities require a separate permit at the local level. It is basically impossible to compile all that information. But in addition to any state or federal licensing, always check with your local government to see about any city-based permit requirements. Where they are available online, I am also trying to compile this information.


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The above are the states that I have written so far. I am adding the other states as quickly as possible. You can also use the search engine on the left to look for a specific occupation. Just use it like you would use Google or any other search engine, such as “Alabama dental hygienist license” or whatever you are looking for.

Categories that I have finished for all states can be found below. It will take a while to include all categories.

Home Inspector Licenses

Mortgage Loan Officers (Originators), Lenders, Makers, Servicers, And Brokers