Alaska License Information For Bachelor, Clinical, And Master Social Workers

Alaska has 3 kinds of licenses for social workers, and these are issued by the Board of Social Work Examiners. Their phone number is (907) 465-2551. First, I will discuss the education requirements, and then I will discuss other license requirements below.

The top level is a licensed clinical social worker. These professionals have either a master’s degree or doctoral degree in social work, plus at least 2 years of clinical experience. This supervised experience must be after obtaining at least a master’s degree. It must total 3000 hours. Get with your supervisor near the beginning to make sure you have a plan to meet all the specific requirements of this supervision.

A licensed master social worker must also have a master’s or doctoral degree. But these applicants do not need experience.

A licensed baccalaureate social worker only needs a bachelor’s degree in social work, and no experience is necessary.

All degrees must be from an approved college or university. You are probably okay as long as you attend a regionally accredited university.

Other Requirements:

Applicants need some professional references, and they also need to take a social work licensing exam.


The fees are the same for all levels of Alaska social workers. They are about $360 for the initial license and $300 for a renewal every 2 years.

The following page has links to the 3 separate license application forms:

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