Alaska Underground Storage Tank Worker Licenses (Inspector, Closure, Installation, Cathodic Protection Tester, And Tank Tightness Tester)

There are 5 categories of underground storage tank worker licenses (certifications) in Alaska. They are inspector, closure, installation, tank tightness tester, and cathodic protection tester. Workers must pay a certification fee for each and every category for which they are applying. As of 2016, the fee for each category is $105. But regardless of how many categories, there is one application fee of $50.

Note On Inspectors:

An inspector cannot just get certified for inspections only. These applicants must be certified for installation and cathode protection tester, as well. Inspectors must also complete a workshop or other training or exam within 2 years before the application. The licensing agency also has a required orientation.

All applicants must either have vocational training or successful work on 2 different projects in the 3 years prior to the application date. Tank tightness testers must also have certification from the manufacturer of the testing method. Each category also has a certification exam, and there is an Alaska State Law Exam.

At the top of the application form, you will see a section called Examination Procedures. They are not all the same, so look at that section and determine how to register for the applicable underground storage tank worker certification exam. Here is the page with the application form:

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