Alaska Water And Wastewater Systems Operator Licensing

Alaska has about 3500 licensed water and wastewater systems operators. The licensing agency is the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation. For questions, you can call (907) 465-1139.

Fees for these operator licenses are $20 for the application and $30 or $40 for the certification exam, as of 2016.

There are “large” water and wastewater systems operators, and you will know which license you need by looking at the following page. There are several kinds, such as water treatment provision, water distribution provisional, wastewater treatment provisional, etc. Then, on the second page, you will get additional links for how to get certified, including application forms, and more details on taking the exams. (look here to see which certification you need if working on a large system) (workers on large systems can get application and exam information here)

The other category is “small” water system operators. The two licenses for this category are small treated and small untreated. Look on the first page below to see which license you need. Then, on the second page, you can follow links for more certification details, application forms, and exam information.

It is now possible to take exams online: (online tests for small water systems) (online exams for large water and wastewater systems)

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