Arizona Radiologist Assistant License Requirements

A radiologist assistant is not exactly a radiologic technician. Assistants typically have even more education and training and, as a result, can perform a wider variety of tasks than a rad tech.

In Arizona, the Medical Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners wants you to have a bachelor’s degree at a minimum in a program that focuses on radiology assisting.

There is no specific exam requirement. But if you go to get certified by a national organization, that organization might have a certification exam.

Your radiology assistant should have a clinical preceptorship that focuses on radiology. If you haven’t started a program yet, always make sure the school has a preceptorship placement program that will help you get placed in one of these programs.

Arizona Radiology Assistant Application Form

The Board’s Other Forms (Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency)

As part of your application, you must be employed by a radiologist that fills out part of the form. You should probably first get licensed as a radiologic technician. The application form asks for your certified radiologic technician license number. But it was not clear whether that is an actual requirement to get the existing license. If you are a rad tech first, you can start to develop professional contacts that you can use to find a job when you are ready to apply for your radiologic assistant license in Arizona.

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