Arkansas Underground Storage Tank Licensing (Company, Contractor, And Individual)

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality Regulated Storage Tanks Division provides 3 kinds of licenses related to underground storage tanks. There are company, contractor, and individual license programs.

Contractors are authorized to install, repair, upgrade, and close tanks. Companies are authorized to test the tanks. This usually refers to tightness testing. Individuals can be licensed for either one of the categories (either testing or the other activities).

Fees are about $300 for companies and contractors and $150 for individuals.

Individuals need at least one year of experience in the 3 years preceding the application date. They also have to pass a test for the activities for which they seek a license. Individual testers must also submit information from the underground storage tank manufacturer. That consists of proof of training or at least proof of proficiency in the testing method. And there must be an attestation that the testing method complies with federal requirements.

Since individuals can be just employees, they do not have to have a surety bond. But contractors and companies must have a bond in the amount of $25,000. These licensees must also hire an individual to do the actual work.

There is an additional somewhat arbitrary requirement of contractors and companies. At least one office, owner, partner, or manager must have passed the first part of the individual license exam. But one way to easily meet this requirement is to make the licensed individual a manager or officer.

Note: Even companies that contract the job out to a third party must still have a license.

The page listed below has the Arkansas underground storage tank application forms for contractors/companies and individuals. Just click on the appropriate sections, and they will open up and show links to all the forms.

Exams are administered at the Division’s Little Rock office, at 5301 Northshore Drive. On the page listed above, you can see which references to study for the test. And the current exam schedule should be listed there. It is usually once a month.

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