Becoming a Licensed Alabama Water (Or Wastewater) Treatment Operator; Exam Info Included

A water treatment operator is a controller of machines or equipment that is used to treat or transfer water or other liquid waste. There are approximately 3000 such licensed individuals in Alabama. Experienced water treatment operators were making close to $50,000 per year, in 2014.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has several “grade” levels for this licensed occupation. But all applicants must be at least 21 years of age and have a high school diploma or GED.

Qualifications include either experience or a combination of classroom training and experience, as follows:

Grade IC and I: 12 months of full-time work or 6 months and 30 hours of classroom training
Grade II: 18 months of full-time work or 9 months and 45 hours of classroom training
Grade III and IV: 24 months of full-time work or 12 months and 60 hours of classroom training

But all applicants must also take and pass a water treatment operator exam. The test fee is about $270, and the certification fee is about $105.

The exam application form is available here:

You should ask an employer, a teacher if you are taking classes, or the Board about additional information on preparing for the test. The form suggests that a number of people do fail these tests and have to retake them. So you want to talk to as many people as possible who are already in the business about how they got ready for their license test.

The following forms page has other forms that might apply to your situation, such as experience verification, reciprocal licensing, etc. This is a long list of multiple kinds of Department of Environmental Management forms, so you need to scroll down to the “Water and Wastewater” forms:

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