California Limited Permit X-Ray Technician Qualifications (Includes Bone Densitometry)

California has several permits for limited permit X-ray technicians. The things you get authorized for depend on the type of training that you have received. Bone densitometry is one of these categories. But it is the only one that requires a separate application form. The others use the same form, which is the first page below. The form for bone densitometry is on the 2nd page.

Both of these permit applications have an $88 fee. Double that and use both forms if you have studied for and are applying for both. Also, if you apply for multiple categories in addition to Radiation Protection (Core), then it’s an additional $88 for each extra category.

I am going to list the various kinds of licenses that are available when submitting the general limited permit X-ray technician application: dental laboratory radiography permit, radiation protection (core), and four additional radiography permits, including chest, extremities, torso-skeletal, skull, and leg-podiatric.

Each of these limited X-ray permits requires completion of a training school. The Department of Public Health approves these educational programs. At the time of this post, only one California school does the dental lab training, and only 2 do bone densitometry. A few more than that do the chest and other body-part radiography training.

All of these permit categories have an exam. If you want to know how students of the approved schools fare on the tests, you can see the pass-fail rates by looking at the following page. To be honest, none of the schools seems to have a super high pass rate. It’s not clear what the reason is for that. Either the test is hard, or the student pool is not made up of so many high-level test takers. However, it appears that well more than half of the students pass their tests.

The way the limited permit X-ray technician application process works, is that you first apply after graduating from your course. If all goes well, you will receive information on taking the applicable X-ray technology exam. And you will have one year to pass it from the time you receive notice. If there is any paperwork you forgot to submit and additional documentation that the Department wants, you will have 30 days to get it to them. If you don’t meet that deadline, you may have to apply and pay the fee all over again.

There is no work experience requirement to get one of these X-ray permits in California.

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