Colorado License Requirements For Bone Densitometry Equipment Operator (Radiology)

Some candidates must get a bone densitometry equipment operator license in Colorado. But others are exempt from this registration requirement. Those interested in or studying for a career in radiologic technology need to be aware of the specific requirements and exemptions so they can plan accordingly.

I will give specifics below. But the basic rule is that certain individuals with national certification can practice bone densitometry while using X-rays without any license from any Colorado agency. The certification is good enough under state law.

The following ARRT national certifications are sufficient to exempt certificants from having to take a bone densitometry exam or register with the Department of Health and Environment:

1. Radiography (Radiologic Technologist)
2. Nuclear Medicine Technologist; or
3. Radiation Therapist.

The other certification category that provides exemption is the Certified Nuclear Medicine Technologist, from the Certifying Board of Nuclear Medicine Technologists.

There is a certification that does not exempt the person from registration with the Department. That is the Certified Bone Densitometry Technologist, from the International Society for Clinical Technologists. However, this rule is strange because these individuals are exempt from taking the test (and from the training requirements, as well). They just have to register with the Department without taking the state exam. Note, though, that these applicants must document at least 9 hours of radiation safety training.

An ARRT bone densitometry equipment operator state exam is required before you can get your license. But before registering for the test, you must complete quite a bit of classroom and clinical training and supervised experience. This consists of at least 30 hours in the classroom and 480 hours of supervised clinical experience. As part of the clinical experience, an applicant must show a minimum of at least 30 examinations that were performed on actual patients.

If you have completed your training and think that you are able to pass the test, then fill out the 2 forms below and submit them to the Colorado Department of Health. You will then receive information later on how to register for the bone densitometry equipment operator exam.

As of July 2016, there is a $125 test fee and a $60 license application fee. You must score above 75 percent within the first 3 tries to avoid having to take training again. Regardless, all new test attempts require an additional $185 in fees.

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