Connecticut License And Registration Requirements For Student-Athlete Agents

Certain kinds of athlete agents must be licensed in Connecticut before negotiating or entering into agency contracts with student-athletes. This registration is done through the Department of Consumer Protection.

This licensing system is for those who represent student-athletes, not those who are already professionals. But most sports agents also try to recruit college athletes. So the bulk of agents will have to register as an “athlete agent” since it would be an odd business model to exclude college athletes from the agency business. Nonetheless, the rule is that registration is required if the represented athlete either is, may become, or is eligible to participate in intercollegiate sports.

The contracts that are covered by this law only include contracts for professional sports. So an agent registered under this law is someone who tries to get a sports contract with professional teams. Thus, the represented athletes are college players trying to break into the pros. This law is not designed to require registration of someone who is trying to get someone on a college team (which is normally not even allowed, anyway).

Note that this law also requires registration for endorsement contracts. College players are often not allowed to enter into endorsements while playing college sports. However, if such a thing is legally possible, then a license is required of the agent before he can negotiate such contracts on behalf of a student-athlete.

Limited Exception: If a person happens upon the opportunity to represent a college athlete, he can start the process of securing an agency contract. But before the contract is signed and within 7 days after starting representation, the agent must register with the Department. After confirmation of registration, the agent can enter the student-athlete into a contract. However, this rule only applies if the student initiates first contact with the agent. An unregistered individual is not allowed to go out and try to recruit college players for representation. Such individuals must register first to avoid voiding any contracts that are entered into before registration.

A 2009 Connecticut student-athlete agent application can be found on the following page. At that time, the fee was $250. If you want to ensure that this form and fee are still valid or to get a current one if need be, then call 860-713-6155.

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