Connecticut License Requirements For Home Inspectors And Interns

Connecticut has a Home Inspection Licensing Board, which is part of the Department of Consumer Protection. Aspiring home inspectors must get a license from this board to independently contract for work in home inspections. There is also an intern licensing procedure for trainees.

Note: You can determine the identity of current licensing board members online. They also have a calendar and post minutes of board meetings. Use the following page to get that information.

Section 20-492 of Chapter 400f generally requires a license in Connecticut to act as a home inspector. Some exemptions apply, as in the case of licensed architects and professional engineers. Other exemptions are for state, city, and federal government workers, schools offering a vocational education program in home inspection, and other licensed professionals that act only within the bounds of their license authority. In other words, an electrician or plumber or even real estate appraiser may perform some aspects of home inspection. But as long as those actions are authorized by the other professional license, then a separate license as a home inspector is not required. Supervised home inspection interns may also perform work as part of their training.

By statute, home inspectors must pay a $40 license application fee. But statutes also call for a separate $200 license fee. Intern application fees are $20. But there is a $200 fee for the actual permit. Reciprocal license fees are $100.

To be a Connecticut home inspector, you must at least graduate from high school and then do at least 100 actual inspections as a permit-holding intern. You must also pass an exam. But to become an intern, you also must complete a home inspector training program. The Department approves the training programs, and you can use the following page to find and start contacting these home inspection schools.

If you are already licensed out of state, you do not have to take any more tests or do any intern training to get a Connecticut license. However, for this rule to apply, the licensing standards must be at least as hard as the standards imposed in this state.

At the time of publication, PSI handles the Connecticut home inspector exams on behalf of the Department and Board. Use their Candidate Information Bulletin for more info. There is a $65 test fee.

In lieu of the PSI Connecticut exam for home inspectors, you may choose to take the National Home Inspector Examination. Only one test is required as long as you pass it. But you still need to apply through PSI if you have taken and passed the national licensing exam.

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