Connecticut License Requirements For Water Well Drilling And Well Casing Extension Contractors And Journeypersons

Connecticut has 6 license categories that are in the general area of well drilling. They include 2 for water well drilling, 2 for non-water or monitoring well drilling, and 2 for well casing extension work. Each of these 3 types has a contractor license and a separate journeyperson license. The following is a list of the 6 licenses:

1. W-1 Limited Water Well Contractor Driller
2. W-2 Limited Water Well Driller (Journeyperson)
3. W-3 Limited Non-Water or Monitoring Well Contractor Driller
4. W-4 Limited Non-Water or Monitoring Well Driller (Journeyperson)
5. W-5 Well Casing Extension Contractor
6. W-6 Well Casing Extension Journeyperson

License holders with W-1 to W-4 can construct wells, including both installation and repairs/maintenance. W-5 to W-6 may do well casing extensions, repair, and maintenance.

Like the typical Connecticut contractor license, there is an exam that you must pass to get the relevant license. PSI is the test administrator. As of 2016, they charge an application fee of $88 for the W1 to W4 license tests. The fee is $50 for the well casing extension exams applications. However, all tests have an additional fee of $65 once you are approved to sit for the exam.

The W-2 and W-4 journeyperson licenses require a 3-year apprenticeship program. Equivalent training and experience are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

W-5 and W-6 are for contractors or journeypersons who are already licensed to do plumbing and piping work. You can read my separate article for Connecticut plumbing and piping licenses for those qualifications. Basically, though, the requirements are an apprenticeship program and exam for journeypersons and 2 years of journeyperson experience and an exam for contractors. Then, you have the separate well casing extension tests. So while well casing extension licenses do not require additional training or experience, they do require an extra test.

The difference between well drilling contractors and journeypersons is that contractors have at least 2 years of experience as a journeyperson.

There is confusion in the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin about whether a contractor driller must take the Business and Law exam in addition to the trade exam. If you want one of the contractor licenses, ask a current licensee or call 1-800-733-9267 to clear up this issue.

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