Connecticut Solar Energy (Thermal And Electric) License Types And Qualifications

At the time of this writing, there are 4 different kinds of solar power worker licenses in Connecticut. 2 are for solar thermal, and 2 are for solar electric workers. They are as follows:

1. ST-1 Solar Thermal Contractor
2. ST-2 Solar Thermal Limited Journeyperson
3. PV-1 Limited Solar Electric Contractor
4. PV-2 Limited Solar Electric Journeyperson

A solar thermal contractor license applicant must have 2 years of experience as a licensed solar journeyperson and pass a trade exam and a separate test on Connecticut law and business. This contractor work is limited to work on active, passive, and hybrid solar systems that convey, store, or distribute ambient energy or directly convert such ambient energy into heat. These contractors may install, repair, replace, and alter such solar thermal systems.

A solar thermal limited journeyperson may work on the same systems as an ST-1 contractor. However, the journeyperson must work for a contractor since independent work as a journeyperson is not allowed. Journeyperson must take the solar thermal trade exam after completing an apprenticeship or other training program that included instruction and work on solar thermal systems.

Limited solar electric contractors must have 2 years of experience as a solar journeyperson before qualifying to take the two license exams. Solar electric work refers to photovoltaic work or wind generation systems that store or distribute energy for heat, light, power, or other purposes. Solar electric contractors and journeypersons may not wire into a building’s separately existing electrical system or utility meter. A regular electrician license would be required to make such a connection.

As with solar thermal journeypersons, solar electric journeypersons must complete an apprenticeship program before they can get a license. And they must take the solar electric trade exam.

The “Solar Trades” Candidate Information Bulletin from PSI (the exam administrator) has the exam application forms.

Contractor fees total about $280, which is $150 for the exam application and $65 each for 2 tests. Journeyperson fees are about $155, which is $90 for the application and $65 for the trade exam. You may also have to pay a separate license application fee of about $50.

Note: If you are an existing contractor or journeyperson in Connecticut, you can sometimes take a training course and then get a work certificate for solar thermal or electric work. In that case, you would not necessarily have to have 2 years of experience as a solar journeyperson or completion of an additional apprenticeship. However, you will still have to pass the required solar energy exam for the license you seek. View the Candidate Information Bulletin for specific details on that route to solar systems licensing in Connecticut.

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