Getting Arkansas Waste Tire Permits (Collection Center, Processing Facility, And Monofill Disposal Facility)

Arkansas has license program for waste tire transporters and a number of permits for recycling-related facility owners. In this article, I will talk about the 3 permits. They are for collection centers, processing facilities, and monofill disposal facilities.

A collection center doesn’t really do anything besides accept and store them until they are transported for recycling or disposal purposes. This considered a general permit under the rules of the Solid Waste Management Division of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. It is the cheapest permit offered, and it’s only $25.

At $100, a processing facility is a little more expensive. You need this permit if you cut up waste tires or alter them in some other way for recycling or disposal. If you do more than 500 tires in 30 days, then you will need what they call an “individual permit” for processing facilities. If you always do less 50 in a 30-day period, then you get a “general permit.” Do not confuse this with the “general permit” mentioned above for collection centers. That is different.

A monofill disposal facility is a Class 3T landfill. Be aware that all monofill disposal facilities in Arkansas must follow the rules in the Code of Federal Regulations that pertain to this kind of landfill. You can read the appropriate CFR section using the page below.

Disposal facility fees are very expensive. They are $2000 for the pre-site fee, $5000 for the application, $3000 for annual maintenance, $1000 for a permit transfer, and $2000 for a capacity increase, major modification, or minor modification. There is also a post-closure fee of $500.

Applications for these Arkansas waste tire permits can be found online at the Division’s website. If you look at the page listed below, you can find individual sections for the collection center, processing facility, and disposal facility permits and related application forms.

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