Home Inspector License Qualifications For Tennessee

Home inspectors get a license in Tennessee from the Department of Commerce and Insurance. Age, education, exam, and insurance requirements apply.

Applicants with either a high school diploma or GED can qualify. However, the minimum age is 18.

All candidates must complete a training course that is approved by the state. Tennessee requires all home inspection classes to be at least 90 hours in length and include instruction on actual home inspections plus how to write reports after the completion of an inspection. You can find a list of approved providers and the courses they offer on the page below. Some have the necessary pre-license educational course.


At the time of this post, the test that is being used for licensing in Tennessee is the National Home Inspector Examination. PSI is the test administrator. The fee, if taken in Tennessee, is $225. Although it’s $200 in some states, there wouldn’t be much sense in traveling since travel expenses would typically be more than what you would save, anyway. The PSI Candidate Information Bulletin gives instructions on how to register for the NHIE. They have test-taking tips, as well. However, more comprehensive advice can be found on the NHIE website, which is at homeinspectionexam.org.


Even after completing your education and passing a test, you must have insurance to work or run a business as a home inspector. There are two kinds of insurance. The first is general liability, and Tennessee has a pretty high minimum of $500,000 in coverage. The second type is errors and omissions insurance. The law does not prescribe a minimum for this second type. So the minimum is the lowest amount an insurance company will provide in terms of policy coverage. You will need an ACORD form, which is an insurance certificate. The Tennessee Home Inspection Program must be listed as the certificate holder. Your insurer should know how to do this.

When submitting the application for a license, you must include a $300 fee. This is not refundable, and you must submit all required documentation within 60 days of the application submission date. Otherwise, you will void your fee and have to do it all over again, including the nonrefundable payment. Instructions for the application form are on the first page below. The second page is the actual form.



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