Home Inspector License Qualifications In West Virginia

Home inspectors are licensed in West Virginia by the State Fire Marshal’s Office’s Regulatory and Licensing Section. This Office does not provide its own training. But they require training from an approved education provider. All applicants must also pass a licensing exam, have insurance, and meet other miscellaneous qualifications.

In West Virginia, the term “license” is not used with home inspectors. They use the term “certification,” which is somewhat confusing because that word is usually used in a nongovernmental setting. Nonetheless, this particular “certification” is a legal requirement for West Virginia home inspectors, not a voluntary process.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has a list of approved schools that can fulfill the 80-hour training requirement. This state does not accept Internet or distance education. So you must attend a live class. The list of approved courses is on the following page.


There are 2 tests that you may take. However, when checking recently, it seems that NAHI let its website domain registration lapse. It’s not clear whether they are even going to be in business in the future. Previously, they did have a test program that was accepted by West Virginia. But you can always just take the other test, which is the National Home Inspector Examination. Details on the NHIE can be found on their website, which is at homeinspectionexam.org. They have a list of recommended references, which you may or may not already have in connection with your approved training program.

Other requirements include the following: high school diploma or GED, background check, Department of Tax and Revenue business license, the license application fee of $150, and general liability insurance of at least 250K. The Fire Marshal says that you can contact MorphoTrust.com to process a criminal background check. When you submit your application, which can be found on the page posted below, you should make payment to WVSFMO.


Additional documents and the statutes that govern home inspector certification in West Virginia can be found on the following page:


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