Home Inspector License Requirements In Washington State

The Washington State Home Inspectors Board issues licenses for new inspectors and out-of-state licensees who meet certain requirements. However, Washington has a state portion on its licensing test. So even those seeking a reciprocal license will at least have to take the state portion of the exam.

New home inspectors who don’t already have a license from another state must take a training course that is approved by the Board. Approved courses have 120 hours in the fundamentals of home inspection. The other part of the required training consists of 40 hours in the field with a licensed inspector. Within this 40 hours, trainees must participate or observe at least 5 actual inspections. Use the Home Inspector Education Course Catalog to find a place to study for this profession.


If you trained out of state, the Board must deem your education to be substantially equivalent. This doesn’t necessarily mean the same exact hours. But the Board will probably look to at least see whether you had to do both classroom and field training.

Note On Reciprocal Licensing And Experience:

Although out-of-state licensees don’t have to prove a specific amount of real experience, they do have to have been actively licensed for at least 2 of the 4 years preceding their Washington home inspector license application date.

The Washington home inspector exam has general (national) and state portions. If you are new to the industry, you must take both parts. Reciprocal license applicants need only take the Washington state portion. At $300, the test is a little more expensive than most states. But if you are taking the state portion only, it’s $125.

After completing your course, you register to take the exam with AMP. That is an exam administration company with various offices located throughout the state. You may have to travel to a different city to take the test. However, you can take it on most days since the test is given throughout the year. At the time of this post, there are 12 testing centers. AMP has a Candidate Handbook that you should use to get ready for the exam. It also has registration instructions. This is a closed-book test.


You will receive a score report and license application instructions if you pass the exam. But there is also a form on the page below. Like the test fee, the license fee is also expensive in this state. It was $680 at the time of this post. Renewals were cheaper but still $375.


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