Home (Property) Inspector Licensing In Vermont

Home inspectors must get a license in Vermont pursuant to the requirements of Title 26, Chapter 19. Technically, this license is for property inspectors. That includes all real estate, which naturally also includes homes. Examinations carried out to assess defects, safety issues, and other conditions are considered to be property inspections. The agency that issues the license is the Office of Professional Regulation.

Section 1091 determines the general qualifications for a Vermont home (property) inspector license. First, you must be at least 18 and a high school graduate. Then, you must complete an 80-hour course from an approved education provider. Finally, you must pass a national inspector exam.

Exception: The Director of the Office of Professional Regulation may designate national organizations that certify home inspectors and allow such certification to operate as a substitute for the course and exam. However, for the most part, there won’t be much of a difference since most organizations that certify inspectors also require you to complete a course and take some kind of test. So even if you do go this route, it usually means doing the same exact thing as taking the general route of attending a course and taking an exam. As of 2017, there are 2 organizations that are approved under this exception: NAHI and ASHI. Note that NAHI seems to have disappeared. But ASHI.org is alive and well.

Unless you are qualifying via certification, you will have to take the National Home Inspector Examination. As of now, it appears that ASHI requires you to take this for certification, anyway. So you are most likely going to have to take the NHIE to get licensed in Vermont.

This state uses AMP to administer the NHIE. View the Candidate Handbook on the following page. The fee is $225.


Before taking your test, you need to attend an approved course. The Office of Professional Regulation has quite a few national and state (community colleges or private schools) providers approved for the 80-hour class. Click on the appropriate link on the page below to find the list of schools.


The license application and instructions can be found by using the links on the page below. There is a $100 application fee. Vermont issues a 2-year renewable license to property inspectors.


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