How to Become a Licensed Alabama Professional Soil Classifier

As of 2014, there were about 65 licensed professional soil classifiers in Alabama. This job type is regulated by the State Board of Registration For Professional Soil Classifiers. According to the Department of Labor, experienced licensees in this area make about $80,000.

There are 3 kinds of qualifications to get this license. They are education, experience, and a test. The amount of experience you need depends on the type of college degree you get. But there is only one license for all applicants.

If you have a bachelor’s degree (BS) and major in a soils curriculum, then you need 1 year of experience in soil classification of a grade and character. If you have a BS in a different field or major, then you will need 2 years of experience instead of just 1.

Assuming you have the relevant education and experience, then you will need to pass a PSC exam, which is administered by the Board. You will need to plan well in advance for this because it is only once a year. At the time of this writing, it is the 3rd Tuesday in June, with an application deadline of May 1.

The Department of Labor says that you are going to need 5 reference letters to get a license. Although 2 are character references, 3 must be from professional soil classifiers. So you are going to have to work for, intern with, or otherwise associate with 3 currently licensed individuals.

Here is some information on the soil classifier license exam, which is on the Board’s website:

Here is the application form and related instructions:

Here is some contact information for the Board:

P.O. Box 304800
Montgomery, Alabama 36130-4800

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