How To Become a Licensed Merchant Mariner In Alabama (Water Transportation Personnel)

In 2014, the Alabama Department of Labor reported that there were about 4800 credentialed merchant mariners living in the state. These water transportation personnel are authorized to supervise the operation of watercraft, such as ferryboats and tugboats. The designation is also referred to as “MMC,” which is Merchant Mariner Credential.

There is no state agency that licenses or provides credential to merchant mariners in Alabama. Rather, the Coast Guard is the federal agency that provides this credential. They do this through their National Maritime Center.

Those seeking this type of license will have to pass a background check and be medically fit for the job. Also, a combination of experience and testing is required before applicants can receive the credential.

Applications are sent to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center. Here is the contact information for the center that is applicable to Alabama residents:

United States Coast Guard
4250 Highway 22; Suite F
Manderville, LA 70471

To apply for merchant mariner credentialing, you can get all the application information and procedures on the following page:

You can submit an application online these days, but it’s possible to also submit through snail mail. Fees run around $50 to $100 for evaluations, exams, and license issuance. Lastly, it is possible to appear in person. But that requires an appointment.

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