How to Become a Licensed School Teacher In Alaska (Teaching Certificate)

Like most states, Alaska’s system of teacher licensing (certification) is a jumbled mess. The Alaska Department of Education and Early Development provides certification to the state’s school teachers. Also, like many other states, the system keeps changing over time. I am going to summarize the types of teacher’s licenses in Alaska that existed at the time of this writing. Check with the Department of Education for any updates. The main page online that you can check is listed below.

Note: Type Q Preliminary and Subject Matter Expert Limited Alaska teacher certification types have been eliminated.

1. A one-year initial teacher certificate is for those who are certified from out of state, but have not yet met the competency requirements imposed in Alaska. This is for people who have never had an Alaska teacher’s license.

2. A 3-year initial teacher certificate is given for teachers who have met all of the following: competency requirements achieved, Alaska studies completed, and multicultural studies completed.

3. Type B (administrative) and C (special services) are for those who have completed an approved, teacher, administrative, or related services program, and have met all other requirements except the 3 semester hours of Alaska and multicultural studies. Types B and C are two-year provisional certificates.

4. Type M and M-CTE, which is Career and Technical Education, is limited to the school district that employs the teacher. These are for people who have life experience that enables them to teach either military science, Alaska Native language or culture, or vocational trades. A basic competency exam might be required, and these are for 5 years.

5. Type E is the Early Childhood teacher’s license. Early Childhood Associate I requires a 30-hour college program or CDA. Early Childhood Associate II requires an AA in early childhood education. Type E certificates also last for 5 years.

6. Those who retired while having a valid Alaska certificate can get a retired certificate. These last for life.

7. Type V Reemployment certificates are those previous Type B and C holders. This happens when at least 12 months have passed since the previous certificate lapsed.

Note: A class in cross-cultural communication can replace multicultural studies, but only if the Department has approved that class.

4. A professional teacher has completed the required education program plus the Alaska and multicultural studies. These are 5-year certificates.

Additional Requirements:

Initial teachers will only get certified after a background check and successfully passing either a basic competency exam or the PRAXIS I. Also, initial certificated may be issued to someone who is currently in a teacher preparation program if that candidate already has a bachelor’s degree.


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