How to Become a Licensed Tree Surgeon In Alabama

The licensed profession of tree surgeon had only about 13 licensees in 2014, according to the Alabama Department of Labor. So while it’s a small field, the qualifications are easier than many other licensed occupations. Experienced individuals in this field were said to make around $38,000.

According to the Department of Labor, the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries does not require any kind of formal education for this job. But you do have to pass an exam to show that you have the knowledge necessary to do the work.

Practically speaking, you need some sort of experience to get this license. The Board wants to see a written statement from applicants that documents real-life experience.

Separately, an applicant must get a Professional Services Permit to operate as a tree surgeon in Alabama.

Interested parties should contact the Department of Agriculture and Industries to find out about application forms and when and where you can take the licensing test. Here is some contact information:

PO Box 3336
Montgomery, AL 36109

You will have to pay around $75 to take the test and $175 each year to maintain a Professional Services Permit.

This particular agency has a poorly designed website, so it’s hard to find things online. Your best option is probably to call on the phone to get the information. The only clearly accessible thing I could find is the application for a Professional Services Permit:

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