How To Do Timeshare Property Registration In Connecticut

Property owners who wish to market a property for timeshare purposes must register at the state level in Connecticut. The Department of Consumer Protection is the agency that regulates the timeshare registration program.

The first step to registering a timeshare in this state is to review the applicable legal requirements of the property, paperwork, advertising, and the like. These are found in Public Act 09-156.

Although you need to read the entirety of 09-156, pay close attention to Section 8. It tells you what you need to submit with your timeshare registration application. For example, all applicants need to submit a copy of the legally required disclosure statement and recorded time share instruments. Section 11 lays out the required contents of the disclosure statement, and instruments refer to anything that contains restrictions or covenants imposed on timeshare owners, such as association articles of incorporation.

Some also have to submit an exchange disclosure statement. There are many more details to consider. I am just listing some of the big things here. Go through the entire Act when preparing your application. The following form is from 2009. So it might not be up to date. You can email the Real Estate Unit at to make sure you have the currently valid application form.

The total fees to register a timeshare property in Connecticut are $1000. $300 is an application fee, and the other $700 is the registration fee. Submit only one check or money order in the amount of $1000 for these fees. Make payment to “Treasurer, State of Connecticut.”

There are some other things that you must include with your application. They include details of your marketing (promotional) plan and any advertising you intend to use. Promotions include any program designed to get people to a sales presentation. They also include any gift or contest or other thing of value.

If you have not registered with the ARELLO Timeshare Registry, then you must submit hardcopies of supporting documents. But if you have registered with ATR, then email and ask what format you should use to submit supporting documents.

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