How To Get a California Radiologic Technologist Fluoroscopy Permit

A radiologic technologist fluoroscopy permit is issued in California by the Department of Public Health. Many people first get a license (certificate) as a radiologic technologist and then add this permit. Technically, though, it is not required to be certified first in the general radiologic technology category. There are other ways to get this license.

One way to qualify for the exam is to attend a fluoroscopy school that is approved by the Department. You can find these all throughout the state, and there were 24 of them at the time of this post. They are listed, along with addresses and telephone numbers, on the page posted below.

Now, to help you narrow down which schools you might like to attend, the Department has the test pass-fail rate for the most recent years, broken down by school.

If you are not currently licensed as a California diagnostic radiologic technologist, you must apply to be one at the same time you apply for the permit. Also, you must have ARRT radiography certification if you are applying for diagnostic rad tech certification and the fluoroscopy permit at the same time.

ARRT requires you to complete training and take their own exam to be certified through them as a radiographer. Note that you should attend a school that is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology. Most of the programs approved by the Department in California are also accredited by JRCERT. You can run a search for these schools using the second page listed below. Select “Radiography” for the type of program because those are the diagnostic radiologic technology programs.

After you have qualified for all schooling and ARRT certification, if applicable, then you submit the fluoroscopy permit application and wait for the Department to respond. They might tell you to submit more documentation. But if they approve your application, you will receive instructions on how to take the exam. And you will have about one year to take this test and pass it to get your permit.

There is an $88 application fee for the fluoroscopy permit, the application for which is below (first page). If you are applying for the diagnostic radiologic technician license at the same time, that would be an additional $88. Use the second page to find that application form.

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