How to Get a Real Estate Broker Or Associate Broker License In Alaska

Alaska has a 2-tier system for licensed real estate brokers. The higher level is the real estate broker, and the lower level is the real estate associate broker. Naturally, the associate has lesser requirements.

Both levels of licensees must pass the real estate broker exam. Both categories also do not provide a license to someone under indictment for felonies or fraud-type charges. If the applicant was previously convicted of such charges, 7 years must have passed since the completion of the sentence. Also, both brokers and associate brokers must have 15 hours of approved real estate education.

There are some difference between the requirements for these licenses. I will list the additional requirements for each category below.

Real Estate Broker

1. In the 3 years before the application date, the applicant must have 2 consistent years of licensed experience.

2. A broker must be at least 21 years old.

3. A broker must either be the business owner or an employee of a business organization (corporation, LLC, or partnership).

Real Estate Associate Broker

1. Associates also need 2 years of continuous experience in selling real estate. But unlike regular brokers, the experience could be at any time before the application, and it could be when the applicant did not have a license.

Fees for these Alaska real estate broker licenses are about $600. There is a separate office of about $300 for whoever owns the office.

You can get application forms and other information from the Real Estate Commission:

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