How to Get a Veterinarian License In Alabama

About 1600 people work as active veterinarians in the state of Alabama. This is a potentially lucrative profession for animal lovers, with experienced vets in this state earning around $100,000, according to the Alabama Department of Labor (as of 2014).

Alabama regulates vets and provides licenses through the State Board of Veterinary Medicine Examiners. I have included some pertinent details here on how to get a vet license in Alabama. But here is some contact information for the Board in case you have further questions:

8 Commerce Street
Suite 910
Montgomery, AL 36130

You need to graduate from an approved school first to become a veterinarian in Alabama. Auburn and the Tuskegee Institute are the two in-state accredited programs. The accrediting agency is the American Veterinary Medical Association.

You can visit the following page to search for a complete list of accredited veterinary schools in the US and Canada. Choose “View All” from the drop-down menu to see all of them.

Prospective licensees must also take and pass one of 3 tests (not all 3). So you have the option of taking the National Board Examination, the North American Veterinary License Examination, or the Clinical Competency Test.

Update: The NAVLE has replaced the National Board Examination and the Clinical Competency Test. So the NAVLE is probably the test that you are going to be taking to get your Alabama license.

Here is some registration info on the NAVLE, on the National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners website. It is ridiculously complicated, so read that page and work through it to determine the registration process:

Even if you are already licensed in a different state, the Department of Labor says you have to take a test again to show current competency for this profession before you will be granted an Alabama veterinarian license.

The application fee was $250, as of 2014. When opening a vet’s office, you would have some additional fees, such as $35 for a controlled substance registration fee, and an inspection fee of $100. But you then have to pay about $200 per year to keep an active license and $200 to maintain authorization for your office premises.

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