How to Get an Alaska Real Estate Salesperson License

The Alaska Real Estate Commission licenses about 1500 real estate salespersons. Be aware that this is different than real estate brokers and associate brokers. Click here to see the license requirements for those occupations. The salesperson category has easier requirements than the broker-type licenses.

Applicants must pass the real estate salesperson exam, which is different than the broker exam. Learn more here:

Applicants must apply within 6 months after passing the Alaska real estate salesperson exam.

Salespersons must also be 19 and be employed by a real estate broker. There is an education requirement of 40 classroom ours.

Certain people involved in criminal proceedings cannot get a license. They include those under indictment for felonies or certain fraud-type crimes. Also, if an applicant has one of these kinds of convictions in the past, the completion of the sentence must have happened at least 7 years before the date of application.

At the time of publication, Alaska real estate salesperson license applicants had to pay $530 at the time of application. $175 of that was a nonrefundable fee to process the application.

Here is a list of Alaska real estate schools approved by the Commission:

Talk with your real estate instructor about how to prepare for the real estate salesperson exam.

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