How To Get Arkansas Tow Truck Safety Licenses And Permits (Consent, Non-Consent, And Vehicle Immobilization)

There are 3 main kind of licenses or permits in Arkansas that are applicable to tow trucks and tow safety. These are consent towing, nonconsent towing, and vehicle immobilization.

Consent towing is when the owner of the vehicle gives permission for the wrecker to tow it. Nonconsent is when the owner has not given permission, such as abandoned or otherwise unattended vehicles. This could be repossessions, confiscations, and the like. Vehicle immobilization is not really towing. That is when someone puts a clamp on a vehicle’s wheel so no one can drive it away.

Applicants get their license/permit from the State of Arkansas Towing & Recovery Board.

All tow trucks should be inspected, and that is done in Arkansas by a law enforcement officer. So ask the local police or Sheriff’s Office about that.

You will need to talk to an insurance company about insurance that is specific to operating a tow truck. It is different than insurance on your personal car and typically more expensive. But that’s just one of the costs of this particular business.

A tow safety license goes to the applicant, and there is only one per applicant. But tow vehicle safety permits are required for every wrecker. So applicants with multiple vehicles will need more than one permit. As of May 2016, there is a $150 license fee and $75 fee per vehicle permit. The vehicle immobilization fee was not made public at the time of this post. Rather, the Board says to call them to get what you owe for that.

The State of Arkansas Towing And Recovery Board phone number is (501) 682-3801. You can also go by the office to turn in paperwork. Their address is 7418 North Hills Boulevard, in Little Rock. Forms can be downloaded online from the following page.

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