How To Get Certified As a Home Inspector In Wyoming

Close to half of U.S. states do not generally require a license for work as a home inspector. Wyoming is one of those states. However, you should be aware that certain kinds of inspections, such as code enforcement, may require a license. In Wyoming, this is generally done at the city level. So whether you need a license typically depends on your local area.

The home inspection industry is comprised of a group of professionals who inspect for defects when a house is being sold to a different buyer. Home inspectors who operate without a license because the state doesn’t issue one are typically limited to older homes that have already been used as a residence. Inspections on new construction will often require a building inspector license or something similar. So if you want to be a home inspector in Wyoming, prepare to limit your activities to homes being sold by an existing owner to a new owner. Inspections of new homes are generally done to see if they are up to code. And that may require a special license.

Some people like to get certification as a home inspector even in a state where a license is not required. This adds credibility to an inspector and his or her business. And credibility often means more clients and money in the long run.

There are multiple national organizations that can train you up on how to be a home inspector and also certify you at the completion of the training. However, most require you to pass either their own test or something like the National Home Inspector Examination. These are private organizations, so they set their own rules on certification. No one from the Wyoming government has anything to do with these private certifications. They are just to help you in your business and are not mandatory at all. Some organizations you can consider getting certified with are ASHI, NACHI, ICA, and PHII. Costs are typically something like $500. If they do make you take the NHIE, then that’s usually an additional $200 too $225. is one source for building inspector training on code enforcement. This is not required for home inspection certification, but it can help you expand your expertise and array of services.

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