How To Get Provisional Mammographer Registration In Colorado

Radiologic technicians who are certified by ARRT (the American Registry of Radiologic Technicians) generally do not have to register or get a license in Colorado. However, certain specialty areas require some form of registration. Mammography is one of the areas.

Mammography technicians do not have to get any kind of permanent license in this state. Rather, they must get a provisional certificate for training purposes.

A Colorado mammography provisional certificate allows a radiologic technician to get training on the job from a mammographer who is already certified by ARRT. This is not an entry-level radiology position. So you first need to become a rad tech, and ARRT has a Radiography certification for that purpose. This is done by attending a school (usually at a college or university) and then taking a test given by ARRT. Then, you can expand into the mammography field, which is referred to as a “post-primary pathway” to certification by ARRT.

There are actually 2 kinds of provisional certificates. The first is a one-year training certificate. I cannot be renewed at all. Assuming you get your training completed, you are then issued a 1-year operator’s provisional certificate. This may be renewed only one time.

During the time that you are working under a mammography operator’s provisional certificate, you need to study for the ARRT certification exam in mammography. Make sure you are tracking the exam schedule so you can prepare accordingly.

You should sit down with your trainer and make sure you have a plan to meet all mammography technician training requirements. There is a handbook put out by ARRT that you can use to ensure that you are getting adequate training for their test and certification. The second page below is the main mammography page. If the handbook page is no longer current, then you can still find the most recent handbook by looking on the main mammography certification page.

Once you pass the exam and are registered by ARRT, then you can perform mammography tasks without any further registration with the Colorado authorities. The application is below. As of the time of this writing, the fee is $60 when registering with the Department of Health.

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