How to Obtain an Arkansas Waste Tire Transporter License

In Arkansas, state law requires a license for anyone who transports 25 tires from one place to another. It doesn’t matter what kind of tires they are as long as they are considered waste product. In other words, this does not refer to brand new tires being sent to stores for sales to regular car owners. This program is for waste products.

Waste tire transporters are licensed by the Arkansas Department Of Environmental Quality Solid Waste Management Division. Companies or individuals who need to contact a transporter for services can use the Division’s directory of licensees. Select “Both” for the license type, “Current” for existing license holders, and leave everything else blank to get the statewide list.

To get a license as a waste tire transported, you must provide your personal or company information plus info on the vehicle that will be used for transporting the tires.

The waste tire permits and licensing page on the Division’s website has a link to the application. You can find it by clicking on the section entitled “New Waste Tire Transporter License Requirements And Forms.” You also must fill out a disclosure statement. And a copy of that can be downloaded from this same section.

You might not get a license if you have any civil action against you in the last 10 years that is related to environmental protection. Revocation or suspension of a license in the past or other negative administrative enforcement actions could be a problem.

The person who will drive must have a driver’s license. In this case, that usually means a commercial driver’s license. And the vehicle or vehicles must have liability insurance.

The form also requires you to disclose who is having you pick tires and who is accepting the tires. It is best to submit info on any new clients to the Division if you get new clients after you receive your license.

Fees vary for a waste tire transporter license. As of 2016, a small company with like only one or two vehicles would generally pay $35 per vehicle. This includes $10 for a decal. But there is a fleet license that is $250. So a large company might pay less than $35 per vehicle. And fleet license holders don’t have to buy decals for all their vehicles.

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