How to Prepare For Alaska Underground Storage Tank Worker Certification Exams

Alaska has 5 different types of underground storage tank worker certifications. Each of these has a certification exam requirement. Each type has a different test, and some of these are administered by totally different companies. Use the following to help yourself register and prepare for your Alaska underground storage tank worker license exam.


The inspector exam is given by the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI). They have a Recommended Practice that is RP-900, UST Inspection and Maintenance. PEI has a 52-page document. You can use that to study for your test. Contact PEI for additional exam information.


PEI also has the installer exam. This category has a 42-page document that you can use to prepare for the test. Contact PEI for exam registration info.

Cathodic Protection Tester:

Here, you can pick either of 2 different companies to take your certification exam. The first one is the National Association of Corrosion Engineers, or NACE. It has a Cathodic Protection Program, and you can get NACE certified through this program:

The Steel Tank Institute has cathodic protection classes, which also provide certification:

Tank Tightness Tester:

For this category, contact the manufacturer that provides the equipment you use for tank tightness. The UCC also has an Alaska UST Laws and Rules certification and exam. Find out how to prepare and register for that test using the Candidate Bulletin:


The ICC has a UST Decommissioning certification and exam program. Use the same ICC Candidate Bulletin for tank tightness above in order to take this test.

Note: Check with the Alaska licensing agency to see if your category requires the Alaska Laws and Rules exam. My understanding of it is that everyone has to take this test. But just check with the licensing agency for the current rule. Here is a number you can use to ask questions: (907) 465-8443. Also, here is the Alaska certification application form:

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