How to Prepare For And Take The Alabama Professional Soil Classifier Exam (ALPSC Test)

Applicants for an Alabama professional soil classifier license must take an exam. This test is administered by the State Board of Registration for Professional Soil Classifiers. It is sometimes referred to as the PSC exam or ALPSC exam.

One inconvenient aspect of the test is that it is only given once every June, currently on the 3rd Tuesday. Also, you must submit your application by May 1st. The Board’s application is also the test application:

If the above link is not working, then you can probably find the license and exam application link here:

According to the Board, the exam most covers basic pedology, including soil morphology, soil classification, and soil genesis. Soil surveys and applied interpretations are also included. This is also an open-book test. However, my first would be to not take the test too lightly just because of that. Some of the hardest tests I took in law school were actually open-book tests. That is because they would test every little minute detail since the book was available. So make sure you actually study the references thoroughly even though you can take them into the test room.

Speaking of references, there is a full list of references provided by the Board on this page:

So I recommend purchasing the references listed on the page above and thoroughly studying them before the test. And this applies even though you can use the books on exam day.

You could also supplement the references you had to purchase for your college classes. And since you will have to work for some licensed soil classifiers to “earn” your reference letters, you can also ask them for any additional tips on how to pass the Alabama PSC exam.

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