How to Qualify For an Alaska Security Guard License (Armed And Unarmed)

The Alaska Permits and Licensing Unit (Division of Statewide Services) handles license issuance for about 1600 actively licensed security guards. There are armed and unarmed security guards. Individuals who cannot work as an armed guard can sometimes get a license to be an unarmed guard only.

Applicants must meet the following general requirements:

1. be at least 18;

2. have no alcohol or drug addiction or dependency;

3. no felony convictions (within past 10 years);

4. no crimes preventing gun ownership or possession (at least for armed guard);

5. mental and emotional stability;

6. US citizen or legally present in the United States;

7. 8 hours of pre-assignment training;

8. 40 additional hours of training while employed as a security guard (must be within the first 180 days);

9. firearms training certificate if applying for armed guard license;

10. 8 hours of weapons training before being assigned to armed duty;

11. re-qualify with the gun on an annual basis;

12. refreshed course of 8 hours on a yearly basis; and

13. Insurance or a bond is required, and it’s in the amount of 100K for property damage, 100K for injury to one person, and 200K for one occurrence. If you are looking for a job now, ask employers if they provide this.

Note that the specific requirements may change over time. Look at the page below for the most recently available list of qualifications:[JUMP:%2713+aac+60!2E050%27]/doc/{@1}/hits_only?firsthit

Also, fingerprints and a recent photo will be required with the application. The fees are approximately $100 when you apply. Here is the application form:

Use the following page to access links to Alaska security guard statutes and regulations, as well as related application forms and documents:

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