License Qualifications For a Connecticut Telecommunications Infrastructure Layout Technician

Connecticut has a special technician license for telecommunications infrastructure layout. Applicants need to get licensed by the Department of Consumer Protection to engage in this work. However, this is not an entry-level position. Instead, it is for those with specialized training and experience in the electrical field.

The kind of layout involved in this licensed work is the preparation and production of telecommunications infrastructure design and working drawings. These designs and drawings are used for the purposes of installing, altering, and modifying infrastructure in commercial and any other nonresidential buildings. Layout technicians must have the skills to design infrastructure that meets national standards.

Connecticut uses the following publications to determine whether work meets national standards: Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard, Commercial Building Standard For Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces, National Electrical Code, Residential and Light Commercial Telecommunications Wiring Standard, and any other relevant publications chosen by the Department of Consumer Protection.

The general rule is that only electrical contractors, electrical journeypersons, and public service technicians with at least 5 years of licensed experience can become a telecommunications infrastructure layout technician. The Department may accept similar experience and training if it is deemed to be equivalent to 5 years of experience in the electrical field. The other exception is that professional engineers do not need this license to do telecommunications infrastructure design work since they are deemed to be sufficiently qualified based on existing training and experience.

Even with 5 years of experience, applicants must also have taken a college-level course or courses in telecommunications infrastructure design. The course must provide instruction on design work that meets nationally recognized industry standards.

Other than the college program on telecommunications infrastructure, there are no other educational requirements. However, someone who is qualified probably already completed an apprenticeship or similar program years before their application for this license. There is also no license test for Connecticut telecommunications infrastructure layout technicians.

An application is included on the page below. The application fee was $75. But at least as of 2014, it had increased to $150. And if accepted, you must pay an additional license fee of $315. You will not officially receive a license until you pay this license fee.

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