Radiologic Technologist Licensing In California (Including Mammography)

The California Department of Public Health has a radiologic technology licensing program that includes 3 main licenses (not including nuclear medicine and limited permit X-ray technicians). These include diagnostic radiologic technicians, therapeutic radiologic technicians, and mammographic radiologic technology.

The diagnostic and therapeutic licenses are separate. Some people study for both. But these are separate courses and certification exams. So you can’t really get both at the same time. Diagnostic radiologic technology is the bigger field.

Mammographic radiologic technician licenses are for those who first get the California diagnostic rad tech certificate. So it’s no a stand-alone kind of license or certification. It’s something you add to an existing license.

The first thing you need to do is attend and complete a training school. Most of the California approved rad tech degree programs are at community colleges, junior colleges, city colleges, or universities. Both diagnostic and therapeutic programs can be found on the page posted below. Phone numbers are provided for your convenience.

To help you choose, the Department releases a list of schools with passing rates of its students. You will see that some schools do very well on a consistent basis, while others are not as good.

If you are nationally certified by ARRT in either for either diagnostic or therapeutic radiologic technology, then you can apply right away without taking the state exam. But if you are not certified, then you must take the applicable state test to get a license.

When it comes to mammography, California requires you to take the ARRT exam for mammography radiologic technicians. Remember that you must first have the diagnostic rad tech license. So to add this, you must be certified twice or take two tests in all.

All of these licenses have an $88 application fee, as of July 2016. The mammography form is the first page below. The diagnostic and therapeutic rad tech certifications use the same form, which is the second page below. If you are applying for both, you must also pay twice.

To learn more about ARRT certification, you can visit the website of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists. This organization has its own exam for certification that is taken after completing your California-approved training program. So one way or the other, you will have to take some test to get licensed in California as a radiologic technician.

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