California Acupuncture Certification And Licensing Standards

The California Department of Consumer Affairs Acupuncture Board that certifies acupuncturists in the state. There is a large number of acupuncturists in California. In the most recent count, there were about 8500 licensees in this category.

California has a state written acupuncture exam. But you can’t just go straight to taking the test and become certified. There are qualifications that must be met before challenging the exam. I will discuss each one in this article.

You must complete an acupuncture and Oriental medicine training program that is approved by the Board. If you enrolled before January 1, 2015, the required hours of the program need to have only been 2348. But for anyone who enrolled after that date, the new standard is 3000 hours. This requirements is just one way to satisfy the education/training component.

Another way to qualify is an approved tutorial program focusing on acupuncture. This option requires a total of 3798 hours.

Starting January 1, 2017, the law states the Board will determine whether education and training in a different country is sufficient to qualify the applicant for the California exam. So at the time of this post, it is not clear yet exactly what the standards will be. Also, the standards above may change over time. So check with the Board before starting any training program and make sure it is approved.

There is an NCCAOM national acupuncture exam. This is not sufficient to replace the California state test. No reciprocity exists for anyone who has not taken the state exam. Those moving to California who took the NCCAOM will have to pass the California test first before getting certification.

As of May 2016, you can take the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam in either English, Korean, or Mandarin. There is an application fee of $75 and a test fee of $550.

As of May 2016, there were 38 acupuncture schools approved by the Board.

Use the Examination Forms page on the Board’s website to apply for the test and certification if you pass.

California Mortgage Loan Originator License Endorsement For Real Estate Brokers, Corporations, And Salespersons

For the purposes of this license, assume that you are already a real estate brokerage company, real estate corporation, individual real estate broker, or individual real estate salesperson. Now, if your real estate dealings involve residential mortgages, you generally must get a mortgage loan originator license endorsement. The administrating agency is the California Bureau of Real Estate.

To get this California mortgage loan originator license endorsement, brokers fill out an MU1 and also an MU4 if the broker is a sole proprietor. The fee is $100 for the MU1 for broker company application, and about $330 for individual brokers submitting the MU4. Corporations must fill out an MU1, and they pay $400. Real estate salespersons must submit an MU4, and their cost is $330. Some additional fees may apply for credit reports and background checks. Any separate branch office has a $20 fee, and the licensee must submit an MU3. (MU1 Instructions) (MU2 Credit Report) (MU4 Form Instructions) (MU3 form instructions)

For current testing and pre-license education requirements for this license endorsement, you can ask the Bureau of Real Estate at 877-373-4542. But if it’s the typical rule used for other California mortgage licenses, you will have to take a 20-hour pre-licensing course and take one or two exams. Click here and read the mortgage loan originator article for more details.


NMLS Mortgage License Information For California Real Estate Entities

Mortgage Loan Originator License In California

In California, a mortgage loan originator is a loan officer who offers mortgages or negotiates the terms of mortgage offers. However, this applies only to residential mortgages of 1 to 4 dwelling units.

Certain individuals, such as purely administrative personnel who do not negotiate with consumers, do not need this license. There are some other exemptions, and you should read the list if you are not sure whether you need to get this California mortgage loan originator license.

20 hours of pre-license education is required for this license. The training provider must be approved by NMLS, and you can look up approved providers at the below web page.

Make sure the course you choose has at least 3 hours of federal laws and regulations, 3 hours of ethics, and 2 hours of nontraditional mortgage products.

An exam is also required. For current requirements for the California mortgage loan originator exams, see the checklist document in the Sources below. The California mortgage officer exam rules changed on January 1, 2016. So check the current rules. Tests are in the $100 range and vary by which exam or exams you have to take.

Applicants fill out an MU4 and submit it to NMLS. (MU4 Form Instructions)


NMLS Mortgage License Information and Checklist For Loan Originators (Loan Officer)

Mortgage License In California Under The Finance Lenders Law

The California Finance Lenders Law is one of the state laws that determines who can get and who has to get a mortgage license in this state. There are actually some other kinds of California mortgage licenses for lenders, brokers, or loan servicers, such as the Residential Mortgage Lending Act license and the California Real Estate Law license.

This particular license is for makers and brokers of consumer and commercial loans. A license is also available for applicants who want to be both a lender and broker. But the rules are a little complicated, and there are many organizations exempt from this license, such as banks and government agencies. See more specifics on who must get and who is exempt from getting a California Finance Lenders Law mortgage license on the following page.

If you are seeking this license as a lender or broker, you will need at least 250K in net worth and a surety bond of at least 25K.

Other requirements are criminal background and character and fitness checks.

This application is made partially to NMLS and partially to the California Department of Business Oversight. You can check the following page for a detailed checklist of documents you need to prepare.

This mortgage license application has a fee of $400, as of 2016. But since key players in the company have to submit fingerprints, then it will cost somewhat more than that all together.


NMLS Mortgage License Information For California Finance Lenders Law

Mortgage License In California Under Residential Mortgage Lending Act

California has several different kinds of mortgage licenses. The one described here is for a license under the Residential Mortgage Lending Act, as opposed to the Finance Lenders Law or the California Real Estate Law.

Under this California law, lenders and loan servicers of residential properties must get a license. But there is a large number of exempt organizations that do not need this license. Yo can see the exemptions on the following page.

Applicants must have tangible net worth of at least $250,000, and they must post a surety bond in the amount of at least $50,000.

A lender or servicer for this mortgage license must be approved by one of the following national or federal entities: Federal Housing Administration, Veterans Administration, Farmers Home Administration, Government National Mortgage Association, Federal National Mortgage Association, or Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation.

Criminal background checks and financial and character and fitness requirements also apply.

Some documents for the application go to the California Department of Business Oversight. Others go to NMLS. You can see a full checklist at the following page.

The application and licensing fee is $1100. You will have to pay more for all the key players’ fingerprint cards and such.


NMLS Mortgage License Information For California’s Residential Mortgage Lending Act