Television, Radio, Stereo, Satellite Dish, And Electronics Technician Licenses In Connecticut

Connecticut issues a variety of different technician licenses for electronic equipment, including televisions, radios, stereos, satellite dishes, and other electronic items that use an antenna. The scope of work that a technician can engage in depends on which license is obtained. The general rule for dealer-technicians is that they need to have 2 years of experience as a technician first before qualifying to become a dealer-tech.

Note that these licenses typically require you to take and pass an exam. As of 2016, the exam administrator is PSI. That company has a Candidate Information Bulletin that you can access to get a test registration form. The standard fee for technicians is $80, and that is to apply to take the exam. It is $200 for dealer-techs. If you are accepted, then there is a $65 test fee. Dealers also take a separate law and business exam that has an additional $65 fee. You also generally need to complete an apprenticeship program to become eligible to sit for the test. But equivalent experience and training may be accepted on an individual basis.

After you pass the license test, then you can submit a license application to the Department of Consumer Protection. There is no need to submit anything to the Department before taking your test. Apprenticeship and any other requested documents are sent to PSI, not to the Department.

The R-1 license is for a business owner (dealer) who is not incorporated. It allows for radio and audio servicing, installation, and repair. R-2 is a radio certified electronic technician. They work for dealers and do not have their own business. RR-1 is a license for dealers that is limited to installation of the following items into an automobile: radios, stereos, CBs, and sound equipment. RR-1 license holders may not repair these items. RR-2 is for technicians who work for dealers. They also may only do automobile installation work for radios, CBs, stereos, and sound equipment.

V-1 is a service dealer who may also work on any type of electronic equipment. It is considered an unrestricted license. V-2 is a service technician who also can do unrestricted work on electronics.

The V-4 license is for technicians (not dealers) who may only work on satellite dishes that are one meter or less in size (diameter). This requires a training program of at least 40 hours and OJT of at least 120 hours. V-5 is a limited antenna dish contractor. They may run their own business. You must be a V-4 technician for 2 years before you can become a contractor.

V-6 is an antenna technician who can do any kind of antenna installation and repairs. V-7 is a master antenna installation and repair dealer. V-9 is for service dealers who are non-technician owners. They must hire or contract with technicians who are licensed to do the work. Each physical location that employs technicians must register for a V-9 license. This does not require any type of exam, so you use the form below. The second form below is an application to approve an apprenticeship program.

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