Wisconsin License Requirements For Home Inspectors

The Department of Safety and Professional Services licenses home inspectors in Wisconsin. This is a 2-year license that must be renewed in December of every even year.

Individuals who do home inspections for compensation must be licensed in this state. A home inspection is the process of examining the readily accessible observable systems and components of a residential building. Checking a home for energy performance is not considered a home inspection so long as the professional does not claim to be doing a home inspection. Applicants who have committed any crime that is substantially related to home inspections do not qualify for a Wisconsin license. This also refers to pending charges, not just convictions.

Like most states, Wisconsin requires you to pass an exam to get licensed (the terms “registration” and “registered” are used in this state) as a home inspector. However, unlike most states, the statute does not mention required training.

Even if an educational course is not required, that doesn’t mean you should not get training because you at least have to know enough to pass the test.

The Wisconsin home inspector exam consists of a trade exam on actual home inspection principles and procedures plus a 2nd part on Wisconsin laws and rules related to this profession. There is a passing score for both parts. So you must pass both without averaging to pass the entire exam.

Applicants may retest if they fail. The statute does not mention a maximum number of attempts. But this is naturally dealt with by the fact that you have to pay the test fee again every single time.

PSI administers the National Home Inspector Examination. You can use the following page to register for the test. It is about $225.


The page below is a license application that also functions as a test registration form for the Wisconsin state portion of the test. For most applicants, the fees for the license and the state test are $150 (75 each).


The state test is done online at home. So you can access all the related statutes and administrative rules and refer to them when taking the exam. But you must get at least 85 percent correct for a passing score.

After the first renewal, a Wisconsin home inspector must obtain 40 hours of credit in continuing education. This is not necessary for the initial registration period.

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